Jo Trent

Nosing Our Way to Fun and Success

A two-day Coaching Clinic
Hosted by Sam and Bogey, Inc.

 December 9 and 10, 2017
Alverno Heights Academy
  Sierra Madre, California

Our Instructors

Jill Marie O’Brien,  CPDT-KA

Co-founder: National Association of Canine Scent Work,LLC®  & K9 Nose Work®

Barbara Schwerdt, BA, CPDT-KA,CNWI,
NACSW Founding Instructor, Senior Faculty, Certifying Official

Kimberly Buchanan,  CNWI
NACSW Founding Instructor,  Senior Faculty, Certifying Official, Judge

Jo Trent, CNWI
NACSW Certifying Official


Come join fellow Nosework enthusiasts as we explore the grounds of Alverno Heights Academy in Sierra Madre, California.  Search the interior of Villa Del Sol where such movies as Legally Blond and The Princess Diaries have been filmed.  Enjoy searching the lush fauna and foliage of the surrounding grounds. 

Four of our finest Nosework instructors will each lead ten teams and three auditors through a myriad of searches.    Teams will spend time with each instructor over the course of the weekend.

                              Learn new perspectives as each instructor coaches teams through searches.        

                             Have fun with your dog, make new friends, see old friends and enjoy the day.

Searches will be concept based - not necessarily element based.  Highlights of the weekend may include:  reading your dog,  leash handling, odor obedience, fringing, inaccessible hides, exterior searches through multiple environmental distractions;  ground hides, threshold hides;  odor movement;  should I call alert - or give the dog another couple of seconds; when to move on and when to stay; how to change up your searches; developing stamina and endurance; competitor strategies.    A wrap up of each day will occur in which you may have the opportunity to ask a Nosework related question to the panel of the instructors.

Prerequisites, notes, comments, things to know:

~There will be 40 teams (handler & dog = one team).  10 teams to each group.  The group will rotate to    

   each instructor over the course of the two days. Each group will have a team captain to facilitate the flow of

   the day

~ Groups will be a mix of levels (NW1 through Elite)  PLEASE NOTE:  IF ENOUGH (10) ELITE TEAMS REGISTER


~Dogs must have passed all three levels of the ORT (birch, anise, clove).  Date & proof of success will be


~Only one dog per handler will be accepted for the weekend.  You will not be allowed to bring all of your

   dogs and trade off dogs throughout the day.

~Dogs will be crated in your vehicle throughout the day

~The handler must provide shade and the comfort needs for your dog while being crated
~Though this is not an NACSW event, we will follow NACSW parking lot rules.

   They will be strictly enforced.  


~Handlers not abiding by the parking rules will be asked to leave at the discretion of the host and forfeit

   your registration fees.  
~Dogs must be able to remain quiet in their crates while the handler is observing other searches

~If your dog is barking excessively while being crated, you will be asked to stay with your dog to keep him/her

   quiet instead of observing other teams.   If your dog continues to bark excessively, you will be asked to leave

   and your registration fees will be forfeited.

~Reactive dogs:  Mild reactivity towards other dogs is acceptable (please make sure you have your dog wear a red bandana).   Please be very aware that we will not have a reactive dog parking area or potty area.  Due to the physical layout of the facility and the time table, we are not able to provide accommodations for the reactive dog.  Please consider if you and your dog will be comfortable in this type of setting. 

~Please note:  this workshop is not a suitable environment for the dogs with reactivity to people.  We must be    fair to our dogs,  they must be able to search and be observed by the group and be in close proximity to   people comfortably and safely.  If your dog is showing signs of aggression to people, you will be asked to

  leave and you forfeit your registration fees.

~The interiors and exteriors we will be searching are quite spread out.  You and your dog must be able to

   comfortably and safely negotiate all kinds of terrain  (included, but not limited to: uneven, gravel, stairs,

   steps, dirt, cobblestones, slopes, etc).  

~Closed toe shoes are required unless previous permission for other types of footwear has been requested

   and approved.
~You are responsible for taking your trash home with you each day. 
~You are responsible for picking up after your dog (no, you won’t need to take it home!)
~There is no smoking on the grounds – this includes but is not limited to e-cigarettes. 
~Audiotaping is not permitted.   However, videotaping is.  If you wish to have your search filmed, you may ask   one of the other participants and it will only be of your dog.

~Alverno Heights is located within a residential community.  When driving to/from the site, please be respectful of the speed limit,  etc.   Please do not visit the site prior to the clinic.
~We ask that each attendee take responsibility in knowing when to get your dog ready, pottied and water for their turn.   We will have Team Captains (similar to a Judge’s Steward) leading the day – we ask for your assistance in being prepared.  Thank-you

~In the event the clinic is full (40 teams), we will offer limited auditing spots to those that applied with a dog.  We will create a wait list and notify you should a space become available..
~This workshop will be held rain, shine, sleet or snow, Santa Ana winds, drought!!  Be prepared!


The parking lots each group will be assigned to cannot accommodate RV's of any size.  

What to Bring:
Wear weather appropriate clothes.   Shoes must be closed toe for safety issues.
Pen, paper, etc
All dog related items for your dog’s comfort (shade, water, snacks, etc)

*Use your trial packing list to prepare for your day.

Sam and Bogey, Inc. will provide lite morning snacks.  Lunch break will be about 45 - 60 minutes.
You will not be able to leave the grounds so please be prepared with your dietary needs for each day.

Workshop Schedule:
8:00-8:30             Participants arrive and set-up

8:15-8:45             Check-In

8:30-8:45             Hospitality
8:45- 9:00            Welcome and Orientation
9:00 -11:30          Session 1
11:45 – 12:45      Lunch   (instructors begin set-up for Session 2)
1:00 – 3:30          Session 2
3:45-4:15             Wrap-Up with Question and Answer

Registration and Fee Information:

Mark your calendar!!!

Applications will be accepted from September 1, 2017 – September 15, 2017.     During that time period, a page within the Sam and Bogey website will have the application available.    Fill out the application and submit.  

Working spots will be issued based on a lottery system and a cross section of handler/dog levels and experience.   
It is NOT based on first come, first served.

To ensure you receive notification emails, please add: to your contact list

Also, please check your spam mail.

You will be notified between September 16 and September 23, 2017 if you received a working spot or auditor spot.    You will have 72 hours to pay and hold your spot.  If payment is not received by the specified time period, you will forfeit your space.  Payment will be via PayPal- you do not need a PayPal account to send payment.  Checks will not be accepted.   Sorry, no exceptions.   

Please ensure you are familiar with the cancellation policy.  

$395.00 for the two day workshop for a working spot

$100 per day for auditor spot

CEU Approval

The NACSW has approved this for 3 CEU's per day.

Cancellation policy:

All cancellations must be in writing via email and will be confirmed by return email.  You must have received the email from: in order to be valid.

All refunds will have a $25 administrative fee.
Full refund minus the $25 administrative fee until October 9, 2017 10:00pm PST
50% refund plus the $25 administrative fee until November 9 , 2017 10:00pm PST
No refunds for cancellations after November 9, 2017 10:00pm PST
No refund for no-shows



Jill Marie O'Brien

Kim Buchanan

Barbara Schwerdt