Last updated 2/16/20 8:56pm.  The list will be updated as necessary.

I have crosschecked the teams from the Simi trial to this trial.  Everyone is accounted for and the necessary changes have been made. Only one drop from the Lake View Terrace trial.  

Please check back as there may be unexpected cancels - only the Nosework Gods know that answer!  No matter your position on the wait list, if you no longer want an entry, please email me and I will remove your name.  Thank-you

1 Esther Horn Sienna
2 Elizabeth Patterson Mimosa
3 Suzanne Gutsch Kash
4 Suzanne Gutsch Shasta
5 Julie Riekes Amber
6 Natalie Hernandez Lexi
7 Julie Martin Lily
8 Kristie Cervantez Riley
9 Denise Funk Annie
10 Steve Wilkinson Bene
11 John Zupancic Griff
12 Cassandra (Casey) Gerdes Jyota
13 Kristie Cervantez Jasper
14 Kent Steinhoff Pepper
15 Clydine Crowder Meg
16 Barbara Page Reggie
17 susan shaberman Agneau
18 Sharon Golding Grace
19 Kara Lew Larew LukYi
20 Cathy Davis Ella
1 Melody Graveen Moonie